Qresp | Curator

Qresp | Curator is a software with a GUI which guides the user in creating metadata from the data associated to a scientific paper (step 1). The metadata gathered during this curation step includes data location, publication details and user-defined attributes. The metadata is generated using the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) syntax and the metadata file is sent to a document-oriented database. The current implementation uses MongoDB which is an open source software.


  • Download the tar file and run
pip install qresp_curator-1.0.tar.gz
  • Or using pip
pip install qresp-curator

Optional Dependencies

Some features may not be installed automatically by pip, please download requirements.txt to install all packages/libraries.

pip install -r requirements.txt

MongoDB Setup

To publish your metadata generated by Qresp | Curator a MongoDB is required. You can either publish the metadata in the MongoDB maintained by the University of Chicago or you can install MongoDB on your server.

dbUsername={database user name}
dbPwd={database password}

Details of the installation of mongo database can be found at mongo database.