Paper exploration

The Exploration platform of Qresp | Explorer is a GUI to explore and make available data on a per-publication basis. It provides a portal for the scientific community to access data sets, tools and workflows of a published scientific paper, enabling the reproducibility and validation of the paper results.

Access a Qresp Collection

This step allows the user to connect to a MongoDB to access a Qresp Collection and to explore all the curated papers.


Search/Filtered Search View

This step allows the user to filter their search results by entering any of the following:

  • General keyword search
  • Collection names
  • DOI of paper
  • Tags to the paper
  • Title of paper
  • Authors of the paper
  • Publication source

Alternatively, the user can click the search button to view all papers without applying any filter.


All publications/Filtered View

This step allows the user to view all/filtered paper content.


Figures & Tables

This step allows the user to view and download files that generated the figure/table. To the left is column elaborating the paper details and a History Section which details out the versions of the paper.

  • The Data Tree button shows all the files in a tree format.
  • The Download button redirects to Globus(if available) to download the files of figure/table using GridFTP.
  • The Workflow button shows the workflow which represents how the figure/table was created.
_images/DataHub_Figures.png _images/DataHub_Tables.png


This step defines a workflow for the entire paper content. It represents how the content of the paper was created. Specific workflows for reproducibility of a figure/table can also be viewed by clicking the workflow button.

_images/DataHub_Full_Workflow.png _images/DataHub_Chart_Workflow.png


This step allows the user to redirect to Globus(if available) to download the entire paper content using GridFTP by clicking the Download button.



This steps loads a notebook viewer where the user can view or download the notebook that generated the figure/table.



This step redirects to the publication where the paper was published.