Qresp | Explorer

Qresp | Explorer is a software that provides a GUI to search curated papers, view charts, notebooks, workflows on a per publication basis and download the data associated to a scientific paper.

  • Download the war file and run:

Software/Desktop Version

java -Dport=8000 -jar qresp_explorer-1.0.war

Server Version

nohup java -Dport=8000 -DcerFile=hostname.jks -Dkey=123456 -Dpasscode=123456 -jar qresp_explorer-1.0.war
  • The administrator of Qresp | Explorer can connect to any local/private instance of Mongo DB by entering the mongo database details at the admin.jsp page, for e.g. http://localhost/admin.jsp .
hostName={your server host name}
port=27017 or {port of mongo database}
dbName={database name}
dbUsername={database user name}
dbPwd={database password}
dbCollection=paper or {database collection defined by user.}
isSSL=No or {Yes} depending on SSL authentication to mongo db.


-Dport is an optional parameter to specify port number, defaults to 80 if left blank.


-DcerFile and -Dkey are optional parameters to specify a https certificate and private key.


-Dpasscode is mandatory to login to the admin.jsp page and to enter mongo database details.