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Qresp Organizer Installation

Qresp Organizer is a software to configure the parent folder containing a collection of folders where each paper content is organized and stored. An example of parent folder is reported in the figure below (paper_collection).

Qresp Organizer Install

  • To install Qresp Organizer you can

    • Download the Qresp Organizer file and run
      pip install qresp_config-1.1.0.tar.gz
  • Or use PyPI

pip install qresp_config
  • Or use GitHub
git clone
cd qresp-organizer
python install --user

How to create a parent folder

  • Super-user privileges may facilitate this step but are not mandatory.

  • After installation, run qresp_config to create the parent folder, for e.g. paper_collection which will host paper content of user(s) and generate a config file(qresp.ini).

qresp_config collection <folder_name> [<path>]
  • The qresp_config script will ask the user to identify an http service path, Globus service path & Git service. These paths will generate the qresp.ini file. An example of the file content is the following
ishttpservice = Y
isglobusservice = Y
isgitservice = Y



globus_service_path is a non mandatory field, however the http_service_path is needed for the Qresp | Explorer to explore your paper contents.

How to organize a paper content

Qresp | Organizer also facilitates in organizing your paper as discussed in data organization

  • Initialize qresp_config to create a folder with the paper name inside the paper_collection folder. If a git service is running creates an additional paper_name.git folder.

    cd paper_collection #parent folder hosting all user(s) papers.
    qresp_config paper <paper_name> [<path>] #creates empty folders with the users paper name.
  • Populate the content of the paper folder.

    If git service is running,

    git clone ssh://<username>@<servername>:<path>.git
    scp <source> <destination>


    Please follow the data organization tutorial to ease the curation process.

How to store paper content

Qresp | Organizer can aid in transferring your paper content from local machine to the parent folder or in uploading your content to Zenodo.

  • Login to Zenodo.

  • Generate new token at the applications page. Create a personal token with all permissions checked and copy the token id.

  • Specify folder name and the token to upload,
    qresp_config zenodo upload <folder_name> <token>